How to upload Shapefiles and Geotiff files in GEE Assets?

In the Assets tab in the left panel, click new. This gives you options to upload GeoTiff, Shapefiles, CSV Files, or Image Collection or Folder. Navigate to your folder and upload the files that you want. It might take a while to upload your file. Keep checking the status in Task tab.

Uploading files in Assets.

Importing assets to your script

Once your files are uploaded to Assets, you can import an asset to your script by hovering over the asset name in the Asset Manager and clicking the arrow_forward icon.

If you click on the asset name, a dialog box with the asset description appears. From the asset description dialog, click the Import button to add the asset to the imports section of your script. Alternatively, copy the asset ID into the ImageImageCollection or FeatureCollection constructor.

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