What are the differences between ArcGIS and ArcGIS Pro?

ArcMapArcGIS Pro
Projects are saved in .mxd formatProjects are saved in .aprx format
It has 3 different applications: ArcMap, Arc catalog, and Arc SceneAll three applications are unified and can be used interchangeably
It has an application viewIt is a ribbon-based application
ArcMap is document-based–meaning it has only one map and layoutArcGIS Pro is project-based–meaning it can import mxd and/or work with many map files or layouts at a time
Maps and layouts are coupled in ArcMapMaps and layouts are decoupled
It has a Data frameData frame is replaced by Map
Maps (2D) and Scenes (3D) are two different applications in ArcMapMaps and Scenes (as in Local and Global Views ) are synchronized in a single application
Creates Data-Driven PagesMap Series: contents pane has all the maps—you can see and select the map you want to print
It has a color ramp from 0 to 255It offers a color scheme
It uses a marker symbolIt uses point symbol
It uses fill symbol and has a symbol layer propertyIt uses polygon symbol and has a symbol layer of type marker, stroke, or fill

Additional features in ArcGIS Pro

  • It has improved drawing performance and quality
  • Provide an intuitive and efficient map authorize experience in 2D and 3D
  • Added ability to open multiple layouts:
  • Anti-aliasing and improved graphics: make the features smoother and look visually appealing
  • True transparency support
  • Improved drawing performance and application responsiveness
    • Multi-threaded drawing: while one thing is running, we can still interact with the map
    • Make changes to all layers at once
  • Sync 2D and 3D together
    • Inline text editing
    • Removed printer dependencies automatically change the layout as per the printer
    • Map series (Data-Driven Pages)
    • Support for transparency in PDF
    • Share maps in different formats: eg web map
    • Contextual ribbon: auto-hides the unnecessary ribbons
    • Better symbology options
  • Ability to scale to vary symbology by attribute
  • Licensing ArcGIS Pro licenses with ArcGIS Online

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